Dr. Haiman EL-Nahal

Illinois Poly Clinic

Dr Haiman finished his Bachelors degree in Medicine and Surgery in 2001.
He started training in Acupucture , moxibustion and cupping in May 2004 in Cairo Egypt.
After a year he obtained a Diploma in Iridology in University of Natural Medicine in New Mexico, USA.
Dr Haiman attended and participates in trainings and courses for continuous advance studies.
He obtained bunch of recognitions and honorable awards.
Furthermore, he became a Board of Integrative Medicine in the University of Humanitarian Medicine Federation in Toronto Canada in June 2012.
Dr Haiman is currently a Specialist in Complimentary Medicine ( cupping therapy and Complimentary Medicine Specialist) .
He is also a General Manager of Sharjah International Holistic Health Centre in Sharjah UAE.

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