Dr. Iyad Mohammed Mustafa

Illinois Poly Clinic

Dr. Iyad Mohammed Mustafa DDS graduated from The University of Jordan, Dental Faculty, which is one of the best dental faculties in the region, with high British and American standards.
His long experience with handling the daily dental tasks and special demands, and his high quality treatment will give his patients the best environment and the perfect smile they deserve.
Dr. Iyad is a member in the AAID (American Academy of Implant Dentistry), which is the first Academy of Implantology in the world. Only high qualified dentists can join the membership of the AAID, Dr. Iyad is one of them.
He is also a working member in the Jordanian Group of Implant Dentistry, Jordanian Dental Association and Saudi Dental Association. Dr. Iyad actively participates in many dental congresses. Currently attends many advanced dental courses, in all branches of dentistry, these courses enhance to his expertise in using the latest techniques and equipments in the dental field.
Dr. Iyad also has experience in aesthetic dentistry, including teeth whitening (laser bleaching), veneers, Invisalign (clear braces), ceramic crowns and bridges and composite bonding.
He has also excellent experience in root canal treatment using the latest computerized techniques, extraction, surgery, prosthodontics and pediatric dentistry. The special care given from Dr. Iyad to all his patients, using the high standards and the best equipment and materials will make your dental visit easy, painless and pleasing.

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