Dr. Ruba Abu Ishkhaidim

Illinois Poly Clinic

Dr. Ruba Abu Ishkhaidim obtained her B.D.S. in General Dentistry on 2008 from Al Quds University in Palestine.

After graduation she practiced 5 years in Palestine, providing her patients dental care in all aspects of dentistry.

In 2013, she moved with her family to Dubai and continued her work as GP dentist with more than five years to date.

Dr. Ruba is a member of Palestinian dental association and she attended many conferences and workshops which enabled her to  be highly skilled doctor who can offer excellent dental services such as:

 -Esthetic Composite fillings

-Crowns and bridges

-Hollywood smile (Veneers)

-Root canal treatment


-Scaling and Periodontal disease treatment

-Teeth whitening

 Dr. Ruba aimed to give her patients painless treatment and pleasure using high standard of equipments and materials.


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