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HIjama( Cupping) is the process of withdrawal of blood from the surface of the skin with or without causing scratches and in Medical Cupping we scratch capillaries to bring toxins and free radicals , not bad blood as promote. Cupping is one of the important and effective Complementary Medicine.


There is reason to believe the practice dates from as early as 3000 B.C.; the earliest record of cupping is in the Ebers Papyrus, one of the oldest medical textbooks in the world describes in 1,550 B.C. Egyptians used cupping. Archeologists have found evidence in China of cupping dating back to 1,000 B.C. Ancient Greece (Hippocrates 400 B.C) used cupping for internal disease and structural problems.


Is a form of medicine specifically mentioned and encouraged by the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Among other hadith, it is mentioned that recorded by Mohammad Al-Bukhari ( 5263) and Muslim Ibn Al-Hajjaj ( 2952). Saying “ The Hijama is the best of you remedies”.

  • Dry cupping: The cupping procedure commonly involves creating a small area of mild negative pressure next to the skin. However, there is variety in the tools used, the method of creating the low pressure and the procedures followed during the treatment.
  • Wet Cupping: In this alternative form of bloodletting or medical bleeding, also called blood cupping, a small scratch or incision is made with a lancet prior to the cupping, and the pressure difference extracts blood from the skin.
  • Movable cupping: Movable cupping massage process but using some oil and can be used as the setting for wet cupping. Cups should be move circular way.
  • Other Types of Medicals Cupping includes: Water Cupping, Magnetic Cupping, Bamboo Cupping and Acupuncture Cupping.


  • Pain relief
  • Removes free radicals
  • It balances and regulates function of internal organ, Activates immune system.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Calms the body.
  • Stimulates blood circulation and extraction of free radicals and blends vessels and the effects of medications.
  • Activates body movement centers.
  • Activates biological processes in the skin tissue layers by absorbing toxins and the effects of the drugs from the body.
  • Stimulates energy pathways and revitalize the body.
  • Strengthens overall immunity of the body.
  • Decreases the pain feeling by extracting prostaglandins.
  • Cupping raises antioxidants.
  • Cupping reduces harmful LDL cholesterol and raises the proportion of beneficial blood cholesterol HDL.
  • Cupping raises the proportion of the body’s natural morphine.
  • Fever.
  • Renal failure.
  • Patients with Hemophilia.
  • Patients with pacemaker.
  • Hypotensive and patients with severe anemia.
  • Pregnant women specially on the first trimester.
  • Not allowed to scratch over the varicose.
  • Cancer patients in the late stage.
  • Not allowed to do cupping over umbilical, nipples, eyes and genitals.
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