Dr Haya Kurmush

Illinois Poly Clinic

Dr. Haya Kurmush is a Jordanian Family Dentist who has acquired her B.D.s in General Dentistry on 2003. Dr. Haya is completing her Masters degree in Aesthetic Dentistry at King’s College London and expected to graduate end of 2015.

After completing her studies at Jordan University of Science and Technology, Haya practiced successfully 6 years before heading to UAE. In Dubai, Haya has been practicing dentistry since 2011.

Dr. Haya main interest are aesthetic and conservative dentistry and encourages a good oral hygiene to keep natural teeth for a loner time. She also manages well smile makeovers. Dr. Haya ensures delivering her patients state-of-the-art dental services by keeping herself updated in all what is related to her dental field.

Outside clinic, Dr. Haya is a wife and a mother of two gorgeous girls.

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